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2018.11.25 - Ladybower Inn (PH at SK 205865), ~ 250m W on A57 Rd, turn ~S over A6013 viaduct & rd, W across Ladybower Reser. embankmemt, ~150m N along Reser, ~NW on FP into woods for ~300m, V-turn ~S for ~700m then ~W up to Winhill Pike (trig beacon), ~W to Hope Brink ~NNW to Hope Cross (SK161874) & ~300m beyond, BW ~SW to  V cross Jaggers Clough, ~WSW to pass N of Clough Farm, continue toward Lady Booth Brook, NNW to cross brook to Rowland Cote (now Youth Hostel), permissive FP & FP to Ollerbrook Farm, FP ~WSW across Grinds Brook to rd, ~S to pass beyond Edale Stn, zig zag West at rd then ~S on 'BW' to Hardanclough Farm and beyond, cross brook to East then ~S through Greenlands continuing to & up rd below Mam Tor, ~E toward but short of  Blue John Cavern, ~N down Land Slipped rd then V turn on rd (well before Mam Farm) continuing to Odin Mine, turn off ~ESE past Knowlegates Farm, along Odin Brook then to A6187 rd into Castleton - leaders Andrew Irwin & Liz Savage - Sunday - about 12.5miles

viaduct on A6013 road which we crossed
looking toward Ladybower Reservoir embankment which we crossed later
looking towards Ashopton Viaduct with Crook Hill behind
as above
close up view of Ashopton Viaduct - with low water level large depth of piers are visible
one of two bellmouth shaft spillways on the embankment
drawdown shaft?
works below the embankment
we walked ~ north past this spillway.
in the woods on paths leading up to Winhill Pike
Trig. beacon on top of Winhill Pike
Hope cross - we continued through gate and turned left further on down bridleway to Jaggers Clough
Backside Wood
crossing Jaggers Clough
view across Vale of Edale at farm near bottom of Lose Hill
take the narrow path branching off the wider path to get above Clough Farm (wider path leads down to Edale Road)
Nether Booth
approaching - Edales Youth hostel
along Lady Booth Brook before crossing to Youth Hostel
Lady Booth Brook

relic of what earlier building incorporated?

Edale's Youth Hostel
road up to Youth Hostel - lose Hill across valley
zoomed into houses above in front of the railway track
Trans Pennine Express
Grinds Brook
up from Edale towards Mam Tor
Mam Tor ahead to left
looking down from base of Mam Tor
Hope Cement Plant zoomed into through the gloom
lone paraglider in the mist
starting down toward the land-slipped road
Mam Tor frontal
lower portion of land slipped road still gives access to lower farms
lone paraglider zoomed into as he lands
Signpost on landslipped road - to Chapel en le Firth and Sheffield
Mam Tor again
Mam Tor - the Mother Hill
description of land slipped road and its history and causes of the slippages


Odin Mine
relics of the ore crushing system
down towards Castleton
glance back at Mam Tor
Winnats Pass
Peveril Castle above cavern
trees fallen over Odin Sitch
closer in to Peveril Castle


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