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2018.11.21 - Bradwell (PH - Shoulder of Mutton at SK175810), E side of rd then SSW to Hazelbadge Hall, ~W on Green Lane, FP  SSW to Lower Farm, ~S to Little Hucklow, ~W for ~250m on rd, then rd to S for  ~800m,  take FP ~W along Tides Low Rake, continue ~W to Pittlesmere Lane, ~W on Lane  for 250m (to SK138783), FP ~NNW crossing Baltham Gate (~100m W of  Wheston Hse) & continue to The Cop, ~ WNW thru The Cop continuing to fence along Oxlow Rake, follow fence ~WSW to stile at SK121798, FP ~N thru 'Farm Houses' and down then up Conies Dale to SK120803, FP ~NNE up to BW at SK126814, FP ~N to Rd to E of  Oxlow House, road ~ENE to Winnats Head Farm, down Winnats Pass alongside rd into Castleton - leader David Jefferies - Wednesday

leaving Bradwell and heading toward Hazelbadge Hall
Bradwell behind
down toward Hazelbadge Hall
in Green Lane
about to have a tea break in Green Lane

Limestone rock in drystone wall with large embedded shell and other shell imprints

leaving Green Lane and heading uphill toward Lower Farm
one of many stiles on walk which tended to slow our large group down
a cow rather than a bull with a nose ring
Lower Farm
leaving Lower Farm
nearing Little Hucklow

War Memorial in Little Hucklow

Tideslow Rake ahead of us - seen from road
turning off road onto Tideslow Rake Footpath
Tideslow Farm
an 'unkindness' of ravens ('unkindness' is a collective noun for Ravens)
another view of Tideslow Farm
last glance of Tideslow Farm - hill behind has glider field on top?
another rock fossil found at Lunch Break
passing close to Wheston House?
Heading toward The Cop
Oxlow Rake
farm at South west end of Oxlow Rake
a new species of wooden duck in a dewpond?
just to the left of the garage door (in an extension to the original house? the footpath passes through the building in a narrow passage
back view of house
views toward Peak Forest?
at the bottom of Conies Dale
looking down the steep slope out of Conies Dale
over a stile onto the bridleway which we crossed heading northward just East of Oxlow House
Mam Tor to right - 'Mam Nik' to left of it takes road down to Edale
Rowter Farm just visible to right
Oxlow House
heading on road to top of Winnats Pass
Winnats Head Farm
looking down Winnats Pass (road hidden here)
on Winnats Pass
Speedwell Cavern
road into Castleton
Lose Hill right of centre
Winhill Pike at top
Mam Tor seen from lower down
Peveril Castle

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