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2018.11.11 - Matlock Bridge (SK298602), ~WSW uphill on Limestone Way (LS Way), North side of  Masson Lees Farm, at ~SK279590 leave LS Way on FP & Rds thru Upper Town, rejoin part of LS Way heading ~SSW then WSW at ~SK272581, cross Bonsalmoor Lane, ~200m after Leys Farm leave LSWay (at SK257573), FP ~NNW, cross Green Lane & continue to & follow ~ENE on Blackmere Lane, ~150m N on Blakelow Lane, E then SE to join & follow Moorlands Lane to SK271593, FP ~NNW then ~N to SK267610 (East of Wensley), FP ~ESE to short of Manor Farm, turn ~N to short of Ashton Farm, ~E on Rd & FP to River Derwent (SK282609), ~ESE along river on DVHWay to Matlock Bridge - leader Trevor Moss - Sunday - some captions only updated 18th Nov.

1. climbing up Limestone Way from Matlock
2 Riber Castle at top - seen across valley
3 climbing up Limestone Way from Matlock
4. mud - and light rain after a long dry spell - will the drawn-down reservoirs fill up quickly?
5.still climbing up Limestone Way from Matlock
6. looking back at Matlock
7. still climbing up Limestone Way from Matlock
8. looking towards Darley Dale?
9. tea break
12. above Bonsall
13. down toward Upper Town
14 outskirts of Bonsall / Upper Town
15 dropping down to Bonsall / Upper Town

16 Monkey Puzzle Tree

19. Greenhough House - inscribed G E H 1759
21 Remembrance Sunday Poppies, post box and old drinking fountain
22 Weather Vane
23 Bonsall Wesleyan Reform Chapel (in Upper Town)
24 looking back at Upper Town
26. Path sign for Limestone Way - three LS Way directions marked on map near Upper Town
27 Limestone Way
28.zoomed into Crich Stand
29 on Limestone Way - old mine for lead
31 dewpond
32 ancient Leyland tractor with new tyres - still ready for action?
33 Leys Farm
34 Ivorbrook Quarry? a limestone quarry and processing plant?
36 Blakemere Lane
38 lunch break

39. Teasel

40. Moorlands
41. A mole catchers work - measured ghoulishly by moles trapped? Or is this a source of exotic British biltong?
42 any name for rock edge?
43 part of Matlock? Dimple?
44 downward to Wensley Dale
45 Derwent Valley
49 Riber Castle again - but valley in front of it is not seen - giving an impression of flat land.
50 Sloe Berries
51 Wensley (village)
52 turning away from Wensley (which we did not visit)
53 Wensley Dale
54 Turning toward Snithererton
55. Manor Farm (Hall apparently no longer there, but are there the remains of a moat?)
57 Manor Farm (from behind)
58 after turning North away from Manor Farm we saw Oaker village?
59 River Derwent - entrance restricted at this point? - anglers, poachers, wanderers or fish wardens?
62 River Derwent

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