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2018.10.28 - Tideswell Dale (P.C at ~SK154742), ~S thru Dale down to Rd along River Wye, ~E to before Litton Mill, cross F.B. over River Wye & up to Monsal Trail, ~100m W on Trail & at Over Bridge ~SW up to sharp bend in Bultor Lane, ~200m SSE on lane to FP (at ~SK153723), ~SW across High Dale & A6 Rd into Taddington, ~S thru Tad'on to junction of Moor Lane & The Jarnett, FP (between walls) ~ESE to Wheel Lane & ~400m ~S along it, FP ~ESE across Deep Dale & to west end of Sheldon, FP ~SSE / SE / E to cross rd in Kirk Dale at ~SK181680, ~ESE (pass under Magshaw Mine) & cross B5055 Rd continuing to west end of Over Haddon, ~E thru O.Haddon and on to Noton Barn Farm, ~150m N on rd then Intake Lane ~NE to Haddon Road A6, follow Rd ~NNW into Bakewell. - leader John Taylor - Sunday.  note - few pictures taken at end - cold affected battery power?

Horses and sheep photographed on road through bus windscreen near Great Hucklow - some cyclists hidden by horses
starting down Tideswell Dale
on road running along River Wye towards Litton Mill
River Wye downstream from pedestrian bridge over it
River Wye upstream from pedestrian bridge

at the end of the pedestrian bridge and starting climb up to Monsal Trail

on the Monsal Trail looking in the Monsal Head direction
we climbed up steps to the left of bridge and continued left

climbing up from Monsal Trail - River Wye in valley behind us
cottages before Litton Mill
tea break
still upward in direction of Priestcliffe (which we did not pass through) and Taddington
zoomed back at a Field Study Centre near River Wye?
descending into High Dale
climbing out from High Dale
Taddington ahead
a glimpse down Taddington main road
climbing out of Taddington
Taddington Church behind
on lane which started from the intersection of Moor Lane & The Jarnett
coming up Deep Dale in Sheldon Direction - note series of holes (in ore rake?) on far side
approaching west edge of Sheldon - we took footpath seen to rightj
a zoomed in view of Magpie Mine
Magshaw mine shaft? covered over.
view below Over Haddon

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