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2018.10.21 - High Bradfield, ~W past PH (Old Horns Inn) & FP behind Church, down ~N then W to cross Rocher End Brook, FP ~NW below Rocher Woods to Rocher Head & to Rd Junct, FP ~NW thru Cowell Flat to Mortimer Rd / B.Way Dukes Road & follow ~ W to ~ SK228949, ~500m thru moor land to Grouse Butt track & N to Shooting Lodge, track ~NE to Moor Side then ~ENE, & FP ~SE to Mortimer Rd, ~50m N on M. Rd & turn E into entrance Broomhead 'Hall', follow FP thru B. Farm to Allas Lane, ~ENE on it for ~400m & branch off ~E on track thru Wigtwizzle short of  New Road / Broomhead Reservoir, up ~SSW through Wigtwizzle to OAL boundary Canyard Hills, anti-clockwise on boundary (past farm house) to enter OAL at ~ SK246950?, thru OAL to cnr Penistone rd & Load Field Rd, ~E for ~400m on Pen' Rd to climb S over ladder stile, take FP & unmarked track looping above Rocher Woods (Rocks) which rejoins Pen' Rd at ~SK266934, walk on road ~SE then ~S into High Bradfield - leaders Lyn & Malcolm Oxlade - Sunday

from the High Bradfield bus stop - about to pass Old Horn's Inn
we passed to the right of the Church
picture of church taken before walk start as seen from the Low |Bradfield side
Agden Reservoir close to us with Dale Dike reservoir behind
crossing Rocher End Brook
walking at the bottom of Rocher Woods
Rocher Rocks at top (unmarked on maps) seen above Rocher Woods
heading towards the roads (near junctions (Load Field Road, Small Field Road, Agden Side Road
looking back at Rocher Woods and Rocks
On Agden Side Road - path ahead to right onto Cowell Flat but muddy access also possible from Load Field Road
Agden Dike seen from Dukes Road
morning tea break near Hurkling Stones?
as above
zoomed in view to north - which power plant  cooling towers visible in distance?
view of Agden Reservoir with Damflask Reservoir behind?
crossing through moor land to Grouse Butt Track
on Grouse Butt Track
Ewden Beck
Shooting Lodge
taking a short cut - leaving & rejoining track
seen across Ewden Beck
Bilberry bushes alongside track?
farm close to Mortimer Road
Mortimer Road & farm in distance
a glimpse across Mortimer Road of access road into Broomhead 'Hall' - hall is actually demolished now only farm buildings

this hollowed out tree is on Foot Path turning off North from tarred access to 'Hall'

general view of tree - probably wont survive too many more gales

Broomhead Reservoit with More Hall Reservoir in distance
looking behind at Farm House etc - no 'Hall' in view
leaving Broomhead Farm / Park over stile onto Allas Road
~ENE along Allas Road
~E into Wigtwizzle
~SSW through Wigtwizzle
nearing northern boundary of Canyard Hills Open Access Land
farm abutting Canyard Hills Open Access Land
In Canyard Hills - Broomhead Reservoir in view
heading toward junction Penistone Rd & Load Field Rd
stile from Penistone Road - White Lee Moor behind
looking back at Rocher Rocks
looking from top of Rocher Rocks across Rocher Woods at Agden Reservoir
passing top of Rocher End Brook
Agden Reservoir with Dale Dike Reservoir behind
cattle along Penistone Road

refreshments at Old Horns Inn our start point

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