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2018.10.17 - Bakewell, Monyash Rd (~SK218685) & ~100m along it, ~S on path past Cemeteries, continue ~S on F.Path toward Norton Barn Farm, Road then F.Path ~W to Over Haddon & thru it to P.C., ~S down to Lathkill Dale, follow River Lathkill on it's north bank upstream ~W to F.B. at ~SK175655 (but do not cross), continue ~WNW in Lathkill Dale to P.C.(not in use) at ~SK175655, follow road ~W thru Monyash past church to P.H. & Cross, ~N on road thru Monyash, branch ~ENE along Horse Lane, take FP ~NE exiting  ~100m to west of Johnson's Lane, follow roads then FP ~E to Magpie Mine, FP ~E then NE exiting beyond Sheldon, follow road to Kirk Dale, ~100m NNE on K.Dale Rd, then NE for 50m on branch rd, FP uphill to start ~E to & thru Dirtlow Farm then ~E along road to ~SK197685, FP ~E past Church into Bakewell - leader Malcolm Dixon - Wednesday

starting off on the Monyash Road out of Bakewell
passing the cemeteries
heading across towards Norton Barn Farm

heading on road then footpath to Over Haddon
P H at Over Haddon
near P C at Over Haddon

we headed off to right side of building seen here
bridge to mine / demolished house - an in /out detour taken by some
the bridge into Cales Dale - not crossed by party
looking back on the route followed
a disused quarry to right (Ricklow Quarry?)
stile into churchyard
church screened by trees
The Bulls Head P H (sign in two places on building)
the village cross dating from 1340
about to leave Monyash
on Horse Lane
a zoomed in shot of the Magpie mine (passed through later)
Magpie Mine

Cornish beam engine housed here for pumping water to the surface initially - replaced by tunnel later

view of Sheldon to the Northeast of our path
heading toward Dirtlow Farm
road taken beyond Dirtlow Farm until turning off East on a footpath towards Bakewell
crossing a field recently used for growing sweetcorn
Bakewell suburbia
relatives of the photographer?

Bakewell Church

memorial flag for the First World War

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