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2018.09.30 - COACH RAMBLE (B Walk) - Grassington (National Parks Centre / PC ~SE002637), ~SSW on Sedburg Lane, Linton Weirs / Waterfalls, ~E along Dales Way on River Wharfe to Suspension Bridge (not to cross!!), a short NE / SE up to Hebden Beck, ~N up Beck (below village) up to Lost Gill Bank (~SE025658), ~W thru Disused Mines to Yanbury, ~200m NE on Moor Lane, FP ~NW / NNW up to SE007674 (Line of Shake Holes), V-turn & ~S back to Grassington - leader Malcolm & Cath MacKay - Wednesday

National Parks Centre
down toward River Wharfe near Linton
Weirs on River Wharfe near Linton
Linton Falls
We turned 'downstream' before this foot bridge and followed the Dales Way
morning tea break
Suspension Foot Bridge & stepping stones beyond. some crossed the bridge but returned.

Hebden Beck

A Fish Farm - do not know exactly how it works
Foot Bridge over Hebden Beck
The Old School at Hebden

re-crossing Hebden Beck
Hebden Ghyll Reservoir
old mining works?
agricultural barn?
lime kiln?
zoomed into chimney presumably for old lead smelter?
Horse Whim
good clear illustrations - draftsman's name?
Shallow Shafts
Low Grinding Mill
A History of the Grassington Lead Mines
Inclined Shaft
The present day view of the 1822 Inclined Shaft
a short distance up Moor Lane before turning off
Decaying house with stone tiles and barn with metal roof - possibly unused?
another view of the decaying house & barn
smooth limestone pavement - formed by ice action?
a broken down stone circle with a once water pond inside - for washing sheep?
Dales Dairies
Methodist Church
painted panels on church

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