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2018.09.19 - CAR RAMBLE, MONYASH Parking (SK150667), ~NW on FP / Cross Lane / Limestone Way / Mycock Lane / FP / Main Rd (Flagg), FP ~SW from (SK134686) to PH nr Pomeroy on A515 Rd, FP across rd ~SSW from Street Farm to Pennine Bridleway & ~S on it to Parsley Hay, cross A515 & take rd ~N for ~300m, turn E onto Long Rake (rd), (turn off S to Upper Oldham Farm - access to view Arbor Low Henge etc)., return & E again on Long Rake to FP at (SK165640) ~NE to Cales Farm. FP ~N to One Ash Grange Farm, FP ~E into Cales Dale & ~NE thru Dale to cross F.Bridge, Lathkill Dale ~ WNW to PC on B5055 rd, cross rd & follow Bagshaw Dale up to Horse Lane, ~S on rd back to Parking - leader Susan Rushworth - Wednesday

Wood White?
entering Flagg
Stone on Flagg Main Road celebrates the 2000 millennium 
PH on the A515 road
Street Farm
access bridge for farmers across the old railway track - now the Pennine Bridleway
heavy rain & wind (as predicted) arrives making putting on of wet gear difficult
An Istrian stone shelter - see notice below. With Brexit - now of particular historic interest.

High Peak Trail (part of Pennine Bridleway)

Parsley Hay

Arbor Low Stone Circle and Gib Hill Barrow

Upper Oldham Farm
Arbor Low Henge
posing in a rain shower
Cales Farm
left towards One Ash Grange Farm
glimpse of One Ash Grange Farm house when approaching

signs indicating path is to the left - the house is unseen to the right?

The farm (settled in 1147) was a farming outpost of Cistercian Monks. Not clear whether there is any connection with this nativity tableau.

Later in 1700 a licence was granted to hold Quaker meetings at the farm.


Monk blessing a barbeque?

in the wet conditions with slippery limestone care was required descending the path
foot bridge at Lathkill Dale
windows through rock above could indicate it is more fragile than it looks?
A Comma butterfly
no stream flowing from cave

a Buzzard

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