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2018.09.16 Chinley Stn, S to road & ~300m W on it, turn N over Rway F.bridge, ~N up to & along Over Hill Rd to SK034831, FP winding ~N past Cracken Edge, White Rakes, then ~E to Peep O Day, ~100m N on Hayfield Road, BW ~NE before barn past Quarry (dis), cross E onto part of Pennine BW, after ~300m at ~ SK053854 turn ~SSE to ascend* Mount Famine, descend to Pennine BW & follow ~E below South Head, turn N on FP (E of Dimpus Clough), ~NE over River Sett then U turn to W down Oaken Clough but turning N to join BW at SK062860, follow E for ~500m then turn ~N on another BW for ~400m to SK066865, ~E thru Kinder Low End / Cavern / Kinder Low Trig Beacon (SK079871), ~E past Noe Stool / Pym Chair / Crowden Tower, NE to cross Crowden Brook, then E on Kinder Edge, at SK104871 path ~ESE (below & west side of Grindslow Knoll), path down to Grindsbrook Booth, ~S on road to Edale Stn. - leader Andrew Irwin Wednesday *path thru OAL not marked on map

looking back at Chinley Station from pedestrian bridge
up to Cracken Edge
Toddsbrook Reservoir at Whaley Bridge to the West?
Mount Famine to left and South Head to right - seen ahead
old quarry workings on Cracken Edge
passing Whiterakes
Hayfield View - Camping Barn - on Hayfield Road - we we walked on track passing in front of disused quarry

looking down towards Hayfield - Newhouse farm right of centre?

normally the rising sun would hit the East side of the house (if not shaded) - the East side of the house is not visible to passers by? The front door faces South

Hayfield view Camping Barn
probably Duke of Edinburgh Award Group approaching us
route up Mount Famine just visible on ground (not marked on map)
zoomed into Kinder Downfall
as above
route up Mount Famine just visible on ground ahead - path not marked on map
looking South - Pennine Bridleway seen on side of hill
South Head Farm seen from Mount Famine
on Mount Famine - South Head seen to left
descending from Pennine Bridleway (to East of Dimpus Clough)
River Sett?
Oaken Clough below - stream joins River Sett
South Head to left - Mount Famine to right
Kinderlow End?
on part of  Pennine Way for short distance
Kinder Low - Trig Beacon close to Pennine Way. No pictures when heading East on Kinder south edge past Pyms Chair etc - too wet - (except for next one taken)
Grindslow Knoll ahead
sheep before Grindsbrook Booth

The Old Nags Head

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