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2018.08.29 Hathersage Stn, ~NNW to Village Centre (PC), ~N on Baulk Lane, passing Brookfield Manor & (W of Bronte Cottage), N then NW to Green's House, ~NW to ~SK227840 then zig zag South to Bolehill Wood FP ~S / W / NW to join New Road following it West, take FP at ~SK216840 ~NE then NNW thru Quarry, ~NW to start along Bamford Edge, follow N then E to cross Jarvis Clough at ~SK813865, ~SSE on track to Grouse Butts at ~SK216862 and follow E to bottom of Stanage Edge, ~NNE to join Edge at SK226867, follow Edge  S then SE crossing Long Causeway, leave Edge at ~SK240843 ~S to PC on rd, FP WSW down to North Lees, SSW to Bronte Cottage, retrace way to Hathersage - leader Christine Gamble - Wednesday

waiting near the station for the walkers who came by train
alleyway to Baulk Lane
sheep 'mowing' the cricket field
impressive flowers at Hathersage Alloment
on Baulk Lane
Stanage Edge at top of picture
well repaired cottage - but windows are painted on boards
Brookfield Manor
stream crossed
Green's House (area)
zig-zagging to Bolehill Wood
Upper Hurst Farm?
tea break in Bolehill Wood
Hope Cement Plant
up from the road toward the quarry
the steeper route on the quarry edge?
the easier route through the quarry itself
toward Bamford Edge
on Bamford Edge - Win Hill in view
Bamford (village) below - Church spire to left - mills visible to right

Ladybower reservoir & it's embankment below - Ashopton Viaduct on the Snake road at back
after dry summer bellmouth spillway is well above water level
Crookhill Farm in trees above Ashopton Viaduct
turning towards jarvis Clough
Derwent Moors and Mascar House to the left in the distance
grouse shoot in progress - some beaters with dogs
down to Jarvis Clough
up from Jarvis Clough
zoomed into grouse shoot - well off our route
a part of Stanage Edge
Grouse Butts on our route (well away from the 'grouse shoot' seen)
up towards Stanage Edge

lunch break below Stanage Edge

climbing up to the top of Stanage Edge
along Stanage Edge
last stone standing?
passing boulder climber with his mattresses 
Long Causeway crossing diagonally over Stanage Edge
coming down from Stanage Edge
North Lees

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