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2018.08.19 Hope, ~N on FP (~50m West of Edale Road), ~100m after cement railway track take FP ~NE to Edale Rd, & then ~400m ~NNE along E.Rd to branch ~NW onto rd / track passing Guest House, Oaker Farm to Fiddle Clough, under Rail track, ~N past Upper Fulwood Farm up to ~SK162871, then zig zag up to Roman Rd, & follow ~NNW past Hope Cross, cross Blackley Clough, continue down to 'V' junction at ~SK147890, cross Rowlee Bridge pass Low Barn cross Snake Rd, pass Rowlee Farm, ~SW past Bellhagg Barn, to BW junction at ~SK164890, zig zag ~SW to pass Hagg Farm, ~S over  Snake Rd & River Ashop, follow River ~S & ~SE along west arm of Ladybower Reservoir, at ~ SK169870 Permissive BW ~SE then FP ~NW to base of Wooler Knoll, skirt to East of Knoll up to Hope Brink, & ~S down to & thru Fullwood Stile Farm, under Rail track near Cemetery, ~S along Edale Rd into Hope - leader Judy Gathercole Sunday.

bucolic Hope

Lose Hill ahead but we turned off later to Edale Road
The River Noe
tea break above the river
guests asking for crumbs?
on the track to Fiddle Clough
Oaker Farm?
Normans Farm? - below us
fungi in Fiddles Clough
Fiddle Clough Bridge under the rail track on the Sheffield / Manchester Hope Valley Line. very light drizzle seen just under bridge
The National Trusts Upper Fullwood Farm
Lose Hill seen from the North
we followed towards Crookstone Barn but turned up earlier to the Roman Road
this sheep was eating these prickly bushes as little grass in near drought conditions
Backside Wood with Jaggers Clough climbing up to Kinder
Vale of Edale in Centre with Lose Hill to left
Jaggers Clough again but seen from higher up
climbing up toward the Roman Road
Hope Cross
Crookstone Barn hidden in this clump of trees?
Mam Tor to the right of the ridge
Rowlee Pastures across the valley?
Crookstone Hill on left (right one of pair) - arm of Ladybower Reservoir below - Win Hill top right
grouse shooting butts
crossing Blackley Clough
looking across valley at Hagg Farm buildings (we passed them later)
Alport Valley seen centre / right
Rowlee Farm across valley
Low Barn in centre - Rowlee Farm higher up
Upper Ashop zoomed into ahead of us, but we turned off well before it towards Rowlee Farm
towards Rowlee Bridge
Canal from the River Ashop which ultimately after crossing the Snake valley by siphon / tunnel feeds into Derwent Reservoir
The River Ashop
Rowlee Farm
The steep direct route up- followed by us. Cyclists in picture are following the more gradual track
The 'Alphabet Stone' on path just above our route
apparently stone masons son learnt his alphabet on it
Bellhagg Barn
down toward Hagg Farm & the Snake Road

Hagg Farm

River Ashop photographed from bridge
water in arm of Ladybower Reservoir very low
house seen to North across valley well above Snake Road
rail track turning into the Vale Of Edale. Grindslow Knoll (with sloping top) at top left
a zoomed glance back at Upper Fullwood Farm
our outward route visible across valley just behind white building
Lose Hill
Hope Cement Plant - mainly cement bulk rail trucks below in siding
Mam Tor behind

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