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2018.08.01 ** Totley (Cross Scythes) PH, ~W on A621Rd, take Lane Head Rd, pass (tunnel) airshaft, ~WSW / SW to Trig Pt at SK285788, ~SW to B6054 Rd & NW along it to Barbrook Bridge, cross rd & ~W (just North of Lady Cross) to White Edge & along it to ~SK266778, down ~W to Grouse Inn, ~W (south side of Inn) then ~SW / WNW to join Derwent Valley Heritage Way at ~SK245773, ~S on D.V.H.Way to cross Froggatt Bridge, ~400m beyond bridge turn ~W up to cross B6001 Rd, thru Knouchley Farm, continuing to Stoney Middleton, cross A623 Rd ~S at SK230755, follow FP ~SSW into & along Coombs Dale for about 250m, climb out of C. Dale ~SSW, cross the once Open Cast workings to Bleaklow, down -several directions - to Rowland, rd & FP ~S to Toll Bar House, follow Monsal Trail ~SSE to (Hassop) Station (Farm), under A619 rd*, Bakewell - leader Richard Bennett - Wednesday - * bus stop on this road for Chatsworth / Sheffield taken by photographer  

Cross Scythes PH
one of several ventilation shafts for the Totley Railway Tunnel
coming up from Totley
Trig Point near Flask & Brown Edges
Higger Tor - rock massif to the left and another ventilation tower
towards the road & Bar Brook Bridge
remains of Lady Cross
Higger Tor with Stanage Edge behind & above it
seen across the valley (in which the River Derwent Flows) - a transmission mast to the left of Sir William Hill Road - purple heather clad Eyam Moor to the right of the 'road'. The 'road' is a 'byway open to all traffic'
some walkers on White Edge
Lose Hill and Win Hill - with Kinder behind
descending from White Edge
farm in Stoke Flat
The Grouse Inn
farm in Stoke Flat again
close to the Grouse Inn


trees in pictures above seen in the woods below the A625 road & Stoke Flat

Grindleford - bridge crossing the River Derwent on road at bottom right
Win Hill to left and Bamford Edge to right

entrance to a Woodpecker's nest

flowing water from rain a few days previously - otherwise the ground remains dry most other places
zoomed into birds bathing in puddle

house seen from the Derwent Valley Heritage Way not very far from Froggatt Bridge
River Derwent upstream of Froggatt Bridge

young Mallard Ducks
probably young Mandarin duck
young Mandarin ducks?
up toward Knoughley Farm
Knoughley Farm
Calver Sough?
gap between Curbar & Baslow Edges
Interesting notes

dead tree awaiting winter gales


snapping the 3rd man

St Martins Church
down towards Coombs Dale
up from Coombes Dale
Black Harry Gate at the West end of 'Rough Side' - a dale which we passed
portion of opencast workings where we crossed has been backfilled for some time
coming down from Bleaklow
new house at Bleaklow
'chickens' at Rowland
one of the houses at Rowland
down toward Toll Bar House and the Monsal Trail 
the evidence of the drought
Toll Bar House
'works' near the Monsal Trail
machine for removing tree stumps
approaching Hassop Station



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