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2018.07.11 - CAR RAMBLE - Wetton Car Park (~SK109551), tour thru village NE / NNW / SW, ~WSW to Thors Cave*1 ~SK100549?, zig zag down to & cross FB at SK098551 over River Manifold, follow Manifold Way ~SE along River Manifold then ~SW along River Hamps, leave M.Way ~S through Old Soles Wood then Soles Hollow, at ~SK102527 ~E up Mere Hill & down to road ~WNW into Throwley Hall (Farm & remains of Old Hall), ~SSE / ESE to Rushley, Footpath ~SE to Footbridge at ~SK128510 across River Manifold, ~E through Ilam Park then road to OAL below Bunster Hill, ~N up to Ilam Tops*2, ~W then ~SW then WNW to Ilam Moor Lane & ~350m NNW along it, ~E past Beechenhill (farm) and just past Castern Hall, ~N to ~SK120535, NW / N to cross Larkstone Lane & N into Wetton - leader Liz Savage - Wednesday - (*1 not marked on Ordnance Survey 1 in 25000map)  (*2 - route to West of Bunster Hill but photographer & another went over Hill for panoramic views)

horse in Wetton near car park
tour through Wetton village to get to route to Thors Cave (shown only on Ord. Survey 1in 50.000 map)
local PH & Church
church spire - probably at Grindon
looking back towards Wetton
path towards Thors Cave


Thors Cave - polished limestone (slippery especially in wet but dry on this day) - only the brave or foolhardy enter

rock climbing within the cave

down to the Manifold River & Way
dried out River Manifold bed
a bridge shot - (two not in picture)
notice about Thors Cave

on the Manifold Trail - short distance only to our tea break near Beeston Tor Caves

morning tea break under Beeston Tor Caves (about 200m beyond our turn off point following the River Hamps - we returned to it)
Beeston Tor Caves
we passed through Old Soles Wood (Soles Coppice? - in valley below Old Park Hill)
Soles Hollow
upward to Meres Hill
a perchance view of Beeston Tor Caves - our tea break stop is below it
at bottom left Throwley Hall Farm and the ruins of Throwley Old Hall are just visible.
zoomed in closer to Throwley Old Hall
down to road leading to Throwley Hall Farm - seen middle left
still yet closer to the ruins of Throwley Old Hall
Throwley Hall Farm
Throwley Hall Farm
Notice about Throwley Old Hall


note the bull to the right of the herd
leaving Throwley Hall Farm & Old Hall
Bunster Hill to left - Thorpe cloud right of centre 
zoomed back to Throwley
Castern Hall seen across River Manifold valley. We passed this Hall later on our return to Wetton 
down to Rushley
lunch near Rushley
towards footbridge into Ilam Park
water in River Manifold near footbridge
footbridge into Ilam Park over River Manifold
across Ilam Park (no time available to see Ilam Hall)

a sparse glimpse of terrace at Ilam Hall
Ilam school - built in Swiss style
houses built in Swiss style

garden gnomes

monument - one panel engraved - other panels empty awaiting auspicious events?

frolicking in The River Manifold in very warm weather
in Open Access Land heading towards Ilam Tops / Farm - two went via top of Bunster Hill
Bunster Hill with Thorpe Cloud behind across Dove Dale (unseen below it)
Isaac Walton Hotel at bottom of picture - tree lined River Dove to the left (view from top of Bunster Hill)
a view of Ilam Hall seen from the top of Bunster Hill
Ilamtops Farm
as above - avenue of trees to it's right
walking to one side of the avenue of trees
a backward glance at Bunster Hill
Castern Hall
Beeston Tor Caves - seen yet again
a view to The River Manifold valley?
practise crossing stiles while gate open below - or taking a breather?
crumbling house ruin awaits restoration in a rising property market?
Wetton ahead of us - drinks eagerly awaited by thirsty ramblers at the PH which unfortunately was closed!

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