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a view looking from the first pedestrian bridge up the River Wye
Bakewell receding in the background
horses and riders apparently heading towards the Monsal Trail on an organised event. 
a glimpse of the River Wye
possibly stepping stones over the River Wye but no access path visible on either bank
the reception building before entering Haddon Hall estate (seen from the A6 road)
through a gate before heading initially SSW towards the quarry
Haddon Hall visible behind us
zoomed in to Haddon Hall
Stanton in Peak seen roughly South East of us
Stanton in Peak photographed (with our group in foreground) across a valley bearing the River Lathkill unseen below
Shiningbank Quarry, a limestne quarry - apparently not now worked
we turned right away from the quarry to the West
The River Lathkill seen below us 
as above
down towards the road leading to Alport
buildings passed on the way to Alport 'Hamlet' - see notice below fixed to one of them
Not too clear what the law directs or whether it has ever been updated.
River Lathkill just upstream of Alport
two above buildings passed on way just out of Alport, upstream along the River Lathkill
Raper Lodge? well above the river to the left
Conksbury Bridge, we cross it to walk along the river on the far side
on the Concession Path along the Lathkill River - (near the track fording the River between Over Haddon & Meadow Place Grange)
taken from a notice - see full notice later on

Bridgeshot of group - but this bridge to Cales Dale was not actually crossed by group
back to the Lathkill Dale route
one of several caves on the route
see earlier enlarged portion of this notice
in Bagshaw Dale - friendly horses blocked stile and some had to climb over gate
Deep Dale seen to the left
Magpie Mine well away from our route
zoomed in to Magpie Mine
Sheldon - thirsty walkers in very hot weather head to PH to rehydrate
heading down from Sheldon towards Ashford in the Water

The River Wye to the left
a fish in the River Wye (near pedestrian bridge crossing into Ashford in the Water)
in the River Wye just after Ashford in the Water (on the way to Bakewell)
a tempting bridge to cross avoiding the busy fast fuming A6 traffic - but unfortunately Private and closed to walkers

Bakewell's Well Dressing Festival


picture above enlarged view

bowls on a 'domed pitch' in the middle of Bakewell

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