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2018.06.20 - IRON AGE & Beyond - Junct Sheffield Rd (A621) & Rd to Curbar, ~SW/W to Gardom's Edge, ~S along Edge to ~SK272733, ~SE into woods for ~150m then ~S for ~350m returning SW to Edge*1, ~S then SE (well below Moorside Farm) to cross at ~SK278722 A619 Rd & Hearthy Lea Brook (FB), follow Brook ~ESE to ~SK284716 then S to track, ~WSW on track turning S on East side of Bunkers Hill Woods to Hob Hurst's House*2, return to / follow south edge of Woods then S over moorland to SK284684 (on 'Other Route Track'), ~S/SE on Permissive FP into Hell Bank Plantation, cross Beeley Brook & follow it SW, re-cross brook and ~WSW to road into Beeley, pass church, cross B6012 Rd, head ~NNW to bridge across River Derwent, Calton Lees, ~W to Calton Houses, Calton Pastures (below pond), ~W thru Manners Wood, Golf Course, over Monsal Trail, into Bakewell - leader Simon Gray - Wednesday   

Notes - supplied by Simon

The part (underlined) of route passes two of the many Neolithic features of Gardom Edge

Near East end Bunkers Hill Wood

1 - starting up to Gardom's Edge
2 - trees ahead give line of Gardom's Edge
5 - now on Gardom's Edge
9 - en route to the Triangular monolith (next Picture)
10 - Triangular monolith - see note 1a
11 - Rock Art - see note 1b
12 - Rock Art - see note 1b

13 - Rock Art - see note 1b
14 looking at Great Longstone Ridge - see E.R. emplantment
16 Nelson's Monument and 'Three Ships' (engraved 'boulders' with a ships name) on Birchen Edge
18 Baslow
19 Moorsde Farm - waiting for the barn roof to totally collapse? (Nelson's Monument & 3 'ships' on Birchen Edge behind)
20 - Moorside farm - horses & cattle
22 down from the A619 road and onto the the footbridge crossing Hearthy Brook
23 - group picture - less 2 photographers; one disabled withdrawing from walk; and others checking bus for him before rejoining walk.
24 passing bush of Dog Roses?
25 Thistles



29 - Foxgloves

30 - a glimpse back at Moorside Farm
31 continuing along Hearthy Lea Brook
32 Water Forget-me- nots - in boggy area alongside Hearthy Lea Brook 


34 coming up North from Hearthy Lea Brook - New Bridge Farm behind? 
37 on Track on West edge of Gibbet Moor
38 zoomed into Skyline ahead - south point of Bunker's Hill Wood
43 Welcoming information notice at Hob Hurst House
44 returning from inspection of Hob Hurst House embankments
45 on South East edge of Bunker's Hill Wood - Harland Edge behind
47 early Heather - in sheltered area?
48 lunch - near track which leads to Beeley  Hillsop (1.3km to West)
49 en route to Permissive Footpath on South East side of Beeley Brook
50 Hell Bank Plantation - Beeley Brook beyond these trees
51 Beeley Brook
52 re-crossing Beeley Brook in Hell Bank Plantation
53 track (joined from Hell Bank Plantation) leading to Beeley
54 Beeley
56 Beeley Church

57 - a depressing Tombstone recording infant mortality

58 - Beeley's one time Vicarage opposite the Church

59 -  heading towards the bridge carrying the B6012 road over The River Derwent at the southern end of Chatsworth Estate. Winter pond yet to dry up.
61- Fishermen in The River Derwent to North of bridge
62 - leaving Bridge area and heading towards Calton Lees
63 Calton Lees
64 - same buildings as above seen from different angle?
65 Calton Houses (renovated as holiday properties for rental?)
66 stragglers on the way to Calton Houses
67 Calton Houses again 
69 On Calton pastures
70 descending down to cross Manner's Wood on way to Bakewell
73 - Bakewell's Church
74 - Canada Geese on The River Wye

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