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2018.06.17 Fairholmes, just South of  it ~WNW on Permissive FP up to BW at SK165896, ~SSW on BW beyond Lockerbrook O.C., BW ~NW past Belhagg Barn, & turning down past Rowlee Farm, Cross A57 (Snake Rd), pass Low Barn, cross Rowlee Bridge & then canal, BW ~WNW to / skirt south of Upper Ashop Farm, ~W thru O.A.Land toward but short of Blackden Barn, ~SSW to reach Blackden Brook, follow bottom / low edges* up to Kinder Scout edge ~SK116884, ~N then ~W on Seal Edge to reach top of Fair Brook ~SK094891, compass bearing over moorland to top of 'unnamed clough' on South Kinder Edge at SK106876, down 'unnamed clough'* to Grindsbrook Clough, follow down to Edale (photographer left here - party continued to Castleton) - leader Andrew Irwin - Wednesday  *some scrambling in Blackden Brook & 'unnamed clough'

PS - for views up 'unnamed clough' (& Grindsbrook Clough) - see walk 2018.05.20

party setting out from Fairholmes

seen from Permissive Footpath
Canal feeds into the Upper Derwent Reservoir (comes from canal fed by River Ashop in Woodlands Valley - seen later by us)
Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre passed later by us on Bridleway which Permissive FP joins to North of Centre

on bridleway towards Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre

view of northern arm of Ladybower Reservoir
about to join Bridleway towards Rowlee Farm - Lose Hill and Mam Tor just visible in the backgroun
Bridleway ahead passing Belhagg Barn and later Rowlee Farm
glimpse of Alport Valley at top centre of picture
Rowlee Farm house
zoomed into Upper Ashop (farmhouse) which we pass on its south side to the West
Low Barn
River Ashop
Canal fed by River Ashop 
looking into Alport Valley
Upper Ashop (farmhouse)
nasty barbed wire here and elsewhere on walks
Hayridge Farm
zoomed into Hayridge Farm
Blackden Barn
entering Blackden Brook

view down Blackden Brook
at top Blackden (Clough)
Snake Road seen from Seal Edge
zoomed from Seal Edge into Upper House Farm (to north of Snake Road)
Oyster Clough behind to west of Upper House Farm
Fair Brook seen below our lunch stop
upper reaches of Fair Brook
moorland atop Kinder Scout well covered with after protection against erosion and other conservation measures in past 10 years
First of invasive Rhododendron?
zoomed into Plover
approaching 'unnamed' clough.
top of 'unnamed' clough which we went down - for views up 'unnamed clough' (& Grindsbrook Clough) - see walk 2018.05.20

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