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2018.06.06 Chinley Rlwy Stn, rds S / E / S-SW to ~SK040822, ~E on Cycle / 'Tram' track (SW of Sewage Works) to Chinley Lane & ~150m NE up it, turn E between 'Mill Bldgs' & continue under Rail viaducts to Chapel Milton, ~NE / N to Wash, ~ 150m E on rd, FP ~ SE to rd running ~E to Bowden Hall, ~S on FP just past Hall, continue SSE to Sheffield Rd, FPs ~E past pond / SE / E thru Bagshaw Hall Farm and on to Bagshaw, ~ESE on FP to Goldpiece Farm then FP & rd to Sparrowpit, just N of S.pit FP to E thru woods (South of Gautries Hill) to Pennine BW, ~SE along P.BW to Eldon Lane End Farm, ~NNE up Lane to BW at ~SK123814, ~E on BW to Limestone Way, LS ~NE for ~400m then (not taking Cave Dale route) continue on FP ~NE down into Castleton - leaders Janice Burton & Val Coleman - Wednesday

Peak Forest Tramway Trail - wagons pulled by horses. Some stone rail supports seen here - one side only.
mill now converted for other use?
Rail viaducts - plant growth on one viaduct presumably indicates rail line(s) no longer used?
Chapel Milton - name of brook?
South Head at top?
towards Wash (a group of houses?)
friendly dogs being exercised
cattle of a nervous disposition before Wash
Wash ahead

through Wash to a road

looking back towards recently passed viaducts
road leading to Bowden Hall
pond on map - seen if one looked to one side when joining road
barn - part of Bowden Hall complex. Hall itself not easily visible
back of barn see from footpath to south passing it
we were on the Wash to Bagshaw route
track from Sheffield Road leading to Bagshaw Hall Farm
pond only seen if one climbs up and peeps over wall next to track
Bagshaw Hall Farm
climbing over stile near road at Bagshaw to join footpath leading up then down towards Sparrowpit
zoomed into MamTor in distance
Sparrowpit ahead
Bennett Well
we turned left on road at PH and then a very short distance only on the road to Perryfoot before taking footpath eastward (south of Gautries Hill)
a farm on south east side of Sparrowpit
Rushup Farm?
elongated woods running east south of Gautries Hill
distant view
closer up
farm in distance on Pennine Bridleway? (later passed by us)
lunch below the end of the woods - on the Pennine Bridleway 
Llamas not Alpaccas? Pack animal / meat producer - rather than wool producer?
we turned north on the edge of Peak Forest?
going north here
zoomed in to the woods through which we walked earlier (below Gautries Hill)
on Bridleway leading east to the Limestone Way
We turned northeast through gate onto Limestone Way. Drystone wall ahead being rebuilt
Rowter Farm
Win Hill in the distance
Mam Tor with para-gliders
a part of Cave Dale in cleft seen from our route
para-gliders launched from close to Winnats Head Farm / Treak Cliff?
Winnats Pass to our left
Winnats Pass

looking towards Peak Cavern

into Castleton
young ducklings
same ducklings higher up stream

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