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2018.05.27 Hathersage (new P.C), ~S under railtrack at SK227814, ~SE on FP to Leadmill Bridge, ~200m S on A6001Rd, ~WSW on rd & FP to FB over Highlow Brook, ~SSE up past Hoghall to Rd, ~W past Tor Farm continuing ~WSW to Stoke Ford, ~SSW/SW thru Bretton Clough to ~SK205785, follow ~WSW on south side of Bretton Brook to ~SK190783, climb ~S up to Hucklow Edge, ~S down to Foolow (pond), ~WSW to Stanley House, ~SSE thru Somerset Hall Farm (Wardlow Mires), ~100m W on on A623 Rd, enter Cressbrook Dale and follow on bottom (as far as possible - some road) ~W / S to Cressbrook Mill cross River Wye at ~SK173728, Permissive Path ~S up to Monsal Trail, ~SE on Trail, just before rail viaduct (~SK182716) descend to & follow River Wye (~W/S) to cross A6 Rd at SK670707 and continue up to ~SK170702, ~ E / SE through Great Shacklow Wood, follow River Wye & cross A6 & River at ~ SK194696 into Ashford in Water, follow River Wye ~E / ESE into Bakewell - leader Andrew Irwin - Sunday (walk about 17miles) 

pretty brook next to the main road in Hathersage

rail viaduct - on the the west side of Little John PH
looking towards Offerton Edge
River Derwent upstream of Leadmill Bridge
footbridge over Highlow Brook
zoomed into Hazelford Hall (just off our route)
Win Hill in the distance just left of centre
part of Tor Farm?
emerging from Highlow Wood?
Oaks Farm?
High Low?
'U' turn on Bretton Clough
following above Bretton Brook
zoomed into Abney Grange / Grange Farm?
looking westward down Bretton Brook
Badger Setts
Grange Farm (we turned north up to Hucklow Edge opposite it)
descending towards Foolow from Hucklow Edge
Blue (& White) Bluebells
The Silence Heritage Site - closed at this time


on the way on a road towards Foolow - a well? or sheep dip?
cottage in Foolow
pond in Foolow

Tony takes a power nap - picture by Bill

Peter's Stone in Cressbrook Dale ahead
Wardlow Mires Ahead with Wardlow further behind & Wardlow Hay Cop to its right?
looking back at Stanley House which we had just passed
closer to Wardlow Mires & Somerset House Farm
fairly newly born calf
near the A623 road
Three Stags Heads
at the Northern end of Cressbrook Dale
St Peter's Stone
orchids with White Hawthorn behind
house with superb view at north end of Cressbrook Dale
wild garlic
Riversdale Cottages?
a large pond at the end of Cressbrook Dale but not clear how (if at all) it ties in with the mill complexes in this area
new Cressbrook Hydropower
millpond on the River Wye in Water-cum-Jolly above Cressbrook Mill
River Wye bypassing Cressbrook Mill
Cressbrook Mill converted to residential accommodation
looking down River Wye towards Monsal Head
Cressbrook Tunnel on the Monsal Trail - we joined the Monsal Trail near here but walked ~SE away from the tunnel
looking back towards the mill
the viaduct below & just to the West of Monsal Head
down to the River Wye
Yellow Iris / Flags
Weir on River Wye (well below Hobs House)
time for a paddle
Mandarin Ducks
nearing the A6 road near Lees Bottom
a stream to navigate before turning towards Great Shacklow Wood
we did not take this route

Green Hairstreak butterfly seen by us earlier en route but illusive to photograph - it is tiny

Shacklow Woods
pond on River Wye
abandoned mill complex with two water wheels - undershot ones
Swan at Ashford in the Water
Well Dressing Festival in progress

cricket between rain showers

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