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2018.05.23** start West side of Miller's Dale on B6049 Rd at ~SK138732, ~W along River Wye thru Chee Dale, join Pennine Bridleway at ~SK114728 zig zag North, at ~SK118733 FP ~NE thru Hassop Farm, ~N on Rd to Wormhill, circuit around St Margarets Church, ~150 north of it FP ~E then NE to rejoin Pennine Bridleway ~NNE down to Rd & Limestone Way (~SK131753), Peter Dale, Hay Dale, leaving LSWay take FP ~N thru Dam Dale to Dam Dale Farm, FPs NNW then ~NE (along Dry Stone Wall) to cross A623 Rd at ~SK118789, continue ~ENE on FP then Rd to rejoin L.S. Way ~NNE (to start) thru The Cop, Cave Dale, Castleton. - Wednesday 

River Wye
easy footpath from road, but later the path becomes rougher with some smooth polished limestone - slippery if wet
polished limestone and some ups & downs requiring care especially in wet conditions
rough path here
small stream, joining the River Wye, is crossed higher up
another descent / climb on left
rock climbers
one of two sets of stepping stones - apparently sometimes covered by water
some low level footbridges for switching sides
second set of stepping stones
some viaducts originally for rail track - now generally take the Monsal Trail 
Pennine Bridleway crosses the River Wye - we turned off in the Wormhill direction
Seen from Pennine Bridleway
  • Viaduct in distance took trains to Buxton, but Monsal Trail does not continue over it.
  • Railtrack on right still serves Limestone quarries
  • footbridge over river gives access to row of terraced houses (one chimney visible)
  • unseen behind parking area (for residents only) is bicycle hire outlet
  • footpath starting to the right of the river later climbs up towards the rail tracks and follows river high above it
from footpath headind towards Hassop Farm zoomed into tree stump with fungi
Hassop Farm ahead
enlarged view of farm
woodpile cut from large diameter tree
Wormhill Hall
another view of the Hall
St Margaret's Church, Wormhill - graveyard
important persons tomb now growing weeds

zoomed into Wheston?
Peter Dale
corrugated limestone cliffs near end of Peter Dale
Hay Dale - note ripples on dale sides - how formed?
limestone stile step with fossils
Dam Dale (not clear if there is or was a dam)
looking back down Dam Dale?
approaching Dam Dale Farm
factory farming system for cows?
leaving Dam Dale Farm
Dam Side Farm but no dam in view?
part of Peak Forest? We turned off before it
Dogmanslack Farm seen from footpath passing below it
dew pond on Limestone Way

bird disturbed by our passing flies up from carcass of young lamb

Mam Tor with Rowter Farm seen in front?
about to enter Cave Dale - Lose Hill in distance
Peveril Castle with Lose Hill behind
Cave Dale
close up of Peveril Castle

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