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2018.05.20 ** Hope, ~SK172835 FP ~N then NW over rail track, on to Losehill Farm, top Lose Hill, ~WSW ridge to Back Tor, Barker Bank, Hollin Cross, FP ~WNW then NNW down past Pete's Barn, cross Edale Rd, under Rail tracks, ~NW to Church, NNW on Rd past PH, cross FB over Grinds Brook, follow up GB Clough, short of (Kinder) top at ~SK 107873 turn off ~N up unnamed clough* to South Edge Kinder, follow Edges ~E to top of Golden Clough, thru moor land to Trig Pt at ~SK129878, ~ENE then ~E to Madwoman's Stones & beyond to Kinder Edge at ~SK144881, descend ~ENE then ~SE / E thr Crookstone Hill to BW (Roman Rd) ~SSE, ~300m before Hope Cross turn ~SW onto BW and after ~200m turn off ~SE onto FP to Upper Fulwood Farm, cross Bagshaw Bridge (over River Noe), over Edale Rd & under Fiddle Clough rail track, after ~100m take FP ~ESE for ~400m then S past Oaker Farm to Edale Rd, ~SSE along rd to Hope - leader Andrew Irwin - Sunday (about 14 miles)  *note - can be wet & slippery and some scrambling.

walking up from Hope towards Lose Hill
start of Winnats Pass faintly visible behind
Hope Cement Plant
Mam Tor
ridge to Mam Tor seen from Lose Hill end 
zoomed into Blue Bells? below Mam Tor
Castleton seen across valley. Peveril Castle just visible above Cave Dale to left of picture
In Vale of Edale - in front to right a dam on River Noe - buildings behind mainly Nether Booth Farms. Higher up is Lady Booth Brook with Youth Hostel
Trans Pennine Express heading through Vale of Edale to Manchester (to left)
zoomed into start of Winnats Pass
Mam Tor
coming down Back Tor
looking back at Back Tor
closer to the Blue Bells?
the land slipped road below Mam Tor - no longer a through road but still gives access to some farms 
The Vale of Edale - cut grass drying before gathering for haymaking? Bridge for rail track which we passed under visible to left. Church Spire visible further left. 
down from Hollins Cross - we branched slightly right onto seriously eroded path
Pete's Barn mid picture?
crossing over a bridge on the River Noe
underpass below the rail track Sheffield to Manchester - sheep to left were under bridge sheltering from the sun but moved out as we passed
Grinds Brook seen before crossing Foot Bridge
Edale Church
we passed the Old Nags Head
foot bridge over Grinds Brook past the Public House
Grindslow Knoll above?
pictures of Grinds Brook

top of Grinds Brook
coming up Grinds Brook
turning up unnamed clough from Grinds Brook (behind to right the usual route up)
mossy patch avoided
some scrambling involved - slippery patches largely dried out
up on southern Kinder Edge
looking down Grinds Brook - Win Hill & Lose Hill both seen top left
along the southern Kinder Edge
rocks on Kinder Edge - Win Hill visible top right
eroded peat gully in moor land as we head to Trig Point
Trig Point
plastic trench sheet cofferdam stopping erosion
rubble cofferdam stopping erosion
one of Madwoman's Stones? so many confusing stones?
looking down Jaggers Clough - Win Hill top centre
down from Kinder Edge (before Crookstone Knoll)
Mam Tor in distance - ridge path visible
Win Hill centre top

Marker stone to Hope Cross and Crook Stone

to left part of Ladybower Reservoir - top right Win Hill
Lose Hill to left
marker - Jaggers Clough and Crookstone Barn
approaching Upper Fulwood Farm
another view of Upper Fulwood Farm
River Noe seen from Bagshaw Bridge

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