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2018.04.11 - Fox House, Longshaw Lodge, intersection A625 & B6054 roads, ~E to White Edge Lodge, ~E up to White Edge & on to Bar Brook at edge of B6054 rd, follow edge of rd to ~SK282778, ~SE then ~S to cross A621 rd at ~SK286766, ~E passing Smeekley Farm, follow stream & then cross B6051 rd at SK307767, ~ENE past Horseleygate & to small Park near PH & Church at Holmesfield, ~NNW to rd on edge of Owler Lee, ~W on rd passing Old Hall and Fanshawgate, FP ~W to Storth Hse, road ~WNW passing Moorwood's Hall Farm & to Moor Edge Farm on A621rd, FP to W then NNW under Brown Edge to Bole Hill, ~W following Totley Tunnel (on north side) then N / WNW to cross A625 rd at ~ SK273802, cross to A6187rd and follow it to Fox House - leader Judy Gathercole - Wednesday. (information from 1 in 50.000 map)

Mist made distant views impossible
some had a pre walk coffee here at NT Longshaw cafe
Smeekley Farm
lunch break at Holmesfield

G H B Ward - Pioneer Rambler



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