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2018.04.04 - Penistone Stn, ~W on TPT, at ~SE237034 turn off ~NW, cross A628 & River Don, ~NNE then NW to Thurlstone, ~N to south end of  Scout Dike Reservoir & ~NE along it, turn WSW along Maze Brook to bottom of Royd Moor Reser Embkt, ~SSE then SW past reser up to Royd Moor Hill, down to & cross Whitley Rd, The Knoll, Small Shaw, Flash House, ~S to Lee Lane, just past Catshaw Cross ~SSE then W to Hazelhead Hall, ~SSW to cross River Don & up to TPT and ~E along it, ~100m after Eckland Bridge* U turn up north embkmt and pass over bridge, ~SW / SE / SSW to Mary Knoll, E on Road to SE220017 (bottom Hartcliffe Hill), ~NNE thr Bingley Plantation, Bank House Farm back to TPT, ~E back to Penistone Stn - leader John Taylor - Wednesday   *(some continued along TPT avoiding further mud)

leaders briefing on Penistone railway Station
Station buildings facing disused railway lines
a glimpse of Penistone's Parish Church - St John The Baptist
Trans Penine Trail (TPT)
view from trail near turn off point taken by our walking group
turning off the TPT towards the A628 road bridge crossing the River Don
Don Cottages - river behind them
the building to the right probably had a 'mill' on the top floor
The River Don
after a short distance ~ENE on a secondary road we turned off it heading for north part of Thurlstone
shot zoomed back to St John The Baptist Church
heading through Top o' th' Town Farm?
Scout Dike Resr ahead
woods just before Scout Dike Resr.
Scout Dike Resr
walking ~NE on the SW side of Scout Dike Resr.
tea break near Maze Brook
heading ~SSE below the Royd Moor Resr embankment
Reservoir House -
Royd Moor Resr
heading ~SW up to Spicer House Lane and Royd Moor Hill
zoomed into Emley Moor Transmission Tower
zoomed into Penistone railway Viaduct
as above
Wind Turbines on Spicer Hill seen from the Royd Moor Hill viewing platform
view from 'panoramic dais'
view from 'panoramic dais'
view from 'panoramic dais'
memorial stone in memory of David Gladwin the builder of the Panoramic dais
distressed fairly newly born lamb bleating for it's mother
hopefully re-united
remains of Catshaw Cross
approaching Hazelhead Hall
down to the River Don
'bridge shot' of group
up toward TPT
wood carvings by Stephen Carr
a glance down at the River Don

The Art Station

Bullhouse Bridge
passing under Ecklands Bridge - U turning further on to the top of the embankment and the crossing the bridge
walking along road toward Hartcliff Hill
Langsett Resr.?
Midhope Resr.?
Emley Moor Tower again
Spicer Hill Wind Turbines in distance

on the TPT again
passing maintenance team of volunteers - hard physical work by many retired people
the stone Penistone Viaduct zoomed into from the railway station
pamphlet on TPT

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