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2018.02.21- Shiregreen (SK372932), ~NNE under Rwly & M1, ~E off Grange Lane, above Thundercliffe Grange turn ~NE up FP to Golf Club Hse, ~E on access rd to cross A629, Oakes Lane, Studmore Rd, ~NE then NNW on edge of Scholes Coppice, Rotherham Round Walk ~NE between Morley and Dog Kennel Pond, Rd ~NNW then ~NW past Wentworth Woodhouse, cross Rd B6090 and pass old Windmill, short FP ~NNE then NW to SK386985, ~N on FPs to Elsecar Heritage Centre, Engine House (a pump hse), ~NNE at start along decayed canal up to A6195 Rd (SE405016), ~ENE on east side of A6195 Rd, Trans Pennine Trail ~E on south side of Old Moor, along River Dearne to rd at SE447020, zig zag route ~NE to Bolton on Dearne railway station. - leader Mike West - Wednesday

Keppel's Column seen in distance from close to the walk start
turning off Grange Lane onto access road to Thundercliffe Grange
we saw Thundercliffe Grange behind us as we turned off the access road onto paths leading to the golf course club house
coming to Grange Park Golf Club from the back
leaving the golf club on the main access road
now in Scholes Coppice
climbing up from just beyond Scholes Coppice towards Morley / Dog Kennel Ponds
Keppel's Column now seen behind us
probably Wentworth Church visible in the distance?
possibly Wentworth Woodhouse Mausoleum to the top right?
church to top right in Thorpe Hesley?
Peacock Lodge?
as above but zoomed further in
between Morley? and Dog Kennel Ponds
zoomed into deer
Hoober Stand
Wentworth Woodhouse
stable block

gate into stable courtyard

windmill (without it's cap) ahead
Wentworth's Holy Trinity Church with the village in front seen from our route
probably the square tower is the Old Holy Trinity Church
towards Elsecar Heritage Centre
the back entrance into the Elsecar Heritage Centre
Aristocrats and Industry
Earl Fitzwilliams private railway station - used to take private parties to the St Leger's races in Doncaster - track / trains now run by enthusiasts
Thomas Newcomen

Newcomen type Engine & Pump

a spur of the Deane & Dove Canal came to Elsecar
an inspection platform running on the private line near the Elsecar Heritage Centre
the spur canal to the right is almost totally overgrown with vegetation
remnants of some 'parking' for barges on the spur canal?
cascade here and in other place replace locks
a young swan with remnants of markings
Old Moor
an industrial wasteland transformed into a bird scantuary
reaching Bolton-on-Dearne
The Parish Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle - about 900 years old

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