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2018.01.28 - bus stop just SW of Bamford Stn, ~W on access rd & FB over River Derwent, ~200m on A6187 rd, cross rd and River Noe into Shatton, Town Field Lane*1, ~SW thru Elmore Hall Farm, cross Brough Lane, Botham Farm*2, Grey Ditch, Bradwell - (PC*3 / playing ground / Brook), ~N up rd then ~NNW past Smithy Hill, FP / BW ~ NW past Cement Works, Rd ~W into Castleton, Information Centre / PC, at ~SK154832 on A6187rd take FP to E following Peakhole Water, zig zag ~N then ~ESE on roads to FP starting at SK172832 to Navio / Brough, cross B6049, ~ E only on Brough Lane & track to Townfield Lane*1, FP north side of Shatton, then re-cross River Noe and back to start - leader Christine Whittaker - Sunday 

*1 - keep on top edge of dropped lane, *2 - due to injury to a walker we deviated from route given here to get to nearest bus stop, but later rejoined route, *3 - PC may be closed in 'off season' and after 'hours'

Catkins near bus stop
Notice about Mytham Bridge Tollgate
tollgate posts were moved to this position
looking upstream from footbridge at the River Derwent
looking upstream from the Road Bridge into Shatton at the River Noe which joins the River Derwent about 150m further on
on Shatton main street
Overdale Brook in this clough?
Shatton Hall just visible
approaching Elmore Hall Farm
Winhill Pike at top
tower on Shatton Lane (which can be reached from Shatton)
Elmore Hill Farmyard
Elmore Farm House
Lose Hill with part of Kinder seen behind it to the right
Hope Cement Plant with Rushup Edge and Mam Tor behind
injured walker being steadied down slippery slope
Bothams Farm

taking short cut off route down to bus stop with injured walker - backmarker assisting
a view of Bradwell's Church from the recreation area 
White Hart inn
Topiary in a garden
passing the Cement Works
on a road to Castleton
Loose Hill at top
looking across Castleton at Hollins Cross area
before entering Castleton - Mam Tor visible at top

entrance to Cave Dale between buildings

Winnats Pass at top left
ducks submerged - seeking a solution for Brexit?
near Castleton's Information Centre
lunch break
minor track north of & roughly parallel to A6187 road
decayed old mill
on way roughly following Peekhole Water to Hope
Wynnats Pass at top
looking back - earlier we followed road behind houses into Castleton. Sloping cleft is start of Cave Dale. Peveril Castle is at top.
part of Peakhole Water behind
The Roman Fort was 'Navio' - not sure if first 'A' is intended / what it means?
on the way to Brough
Trans Pennine Express heading towards Sheffield
approaching Brough
Shatton Hall passed once again
walking above 'dropped lane' (where avoidance of traffic would be difficult)
no time to investigate watercourses (if any) for this yacht

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