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2018.01.07 Fox House, Longshaw cafe, ~SSE to & across A625/B6054 rds. ~S then ~E to Lady's Cross, Barbrook Bridge, ~SSE passed breached Barbrook Reservoir, ~SW on track to small dam, continue on track to & across A621 Rd, track to Ramsley Reser., U turn at reser onto minor rd ~WSW back to & along A621 rd to intersection with Curbar rd, thr gate on south but ~W to Gardom's Edge, follow Edge ~S, then ~SE down to & across A619 rd, down to & across Heathy Lea Brook in Chatsworth Estate*, Chatsworth House, Edensor, Bakewell - Leader Andrew Irwin - Sunday   * photographer broke off to Baslow Nether End

Longshaw Estate

White Edge Lodge seen from a distance
heading up to White Edge before turning towards Lady's Cross

Lady's Cross
the intentionally breached Bar Brook Reservoir
along track down to small un-named Dam
not a Rambler taking a dip
Sheffield Road - leading here down to Baslow
towards Gardoms Edge
on Gardoms Edge
down from road to Heathy Lea Brook
across Heathy Lea Brook

Chatsworth Park

some diverting to Baslow Nether End

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