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2017.11.12 - Fairholmes, Derwent Reservoir, Hollins Clough, Lost Lad, Back Tor, Derwent Edge, Dove Stone Tor, Boundary Stones, Moscar Cross Road, Moscar Lodge, cross A57 Road, path crossing Black Clough, Churl Clough, Trout Sike, (following edge of drainage ditch), small reservoir & then conduit to Lodge Moor - Leader John Taylor - Sunday  

Derwent Reservoir Wall ahead
passing below Derwent Reservoir

no water overtopping the wall
reservoir nearly full

Hollins Clough leading off ~ east about 300m from the wall
near the top of Hollins Clough - Derwent reservoir visible below
Lose Hill at top left - Mam Tor in Middle - Derwent Reservoir below
Ashopton Viaduct (which leads to Snake Pass) crossing Ladybower Reservoir to the south of us
Lose Hill, Back Tor and Mam Tor seen behind the group as we walk towards Lost Lad
up towards Lost Lad
descending from Lost Lad with back Tor ahead of us
cold strong breeze made ice patches form
Closer to Back Tor - survey beacon visible
new hobby - taking 'selfies' with Survey beacons 
one of party joined us coming from south on Derwent Edge
Fairbrook with Fairbrook Naze at top - right of middle?
Cakes of Bread? behind us as we walk south on Derwent Edge 
Kinder Edges seen at top of picture with Fairbrook Naze?
heading off Derwent Edge to find Strines Moor boundary stones
one of several boundary stones
zoomed into Rocher Rocks in the distance
We passed above Dale Dike Reservoir (further out) and Strines Reservoir (closest)
Strines Public House and other buildings?
Boots Folly
Moscar Lodge top left of picture
zoomed in to Wheel Stones on Derwent Edge
Moscar Cross Road

Moscar Cross
Moscar Lodge behind us after crossing the A57 road
farm on far side of the A57 road
Crawshaw Head? top right
drainage ditch we followed visible to our right
Crawshaw Lodge at top - cemetery in woods
small reservoir feeding Conduit leading towards Redmires reservoirs
Oaking Clough with Rivelin Brook in it
Conduit to left of picture
glimpse of one of Redmires Reservoirs
site of old Inn 1828
Wyming Brook Farm
seen from Redmires Conduit (not the 'Conduit') - Redmires Reservoirs between the two conduits

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