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2017.10.29 - First walk of winter* - Longshaw, beyond 'White Edge' Lodge to ~ SK263780, ~ E up to White Edge, follow Edge to ~ SK277741 on Curbar Rd, cross A621 at intersection, ~ SSE up to Birchen Edge, Nelsons Monument, down Edge at ~ SK282723, pass Robin Hood PH, FP ~NW below Moorside Farm, cross A621, up to, but under Wellington Monument, Baslow Edge, path ~ W down to Rd, ~ 100m ~ N on Rd to ~ SK258748, FP ~ W to old watering site in Curbar, Calver (River Derwent), various FPs to climb up to FPs along Bramley Wood & Bank Wood, ~ E on School Lane then FPs to Baslow Church, on Rds to Nether End. - leader Deena Jeffery - Wednesday.   * a sunny day not at all wintery

from near National Trusts Longshaw Estate's cafe zoomed into pond
Higger Tor seen from Longshaw's cafe
Mother Cap & Over Owler Tor also seen from cafe
Longshaw Lodge vegetable garden
Death Cap Fungi
started on the flat path towards White Edge Lodge, but then -----
- but then climbed up & roughly followed the unseen road above (A6187)
White Lodge in view
passing White Lodge
climbing up to White Edge itself
a view of White Edge as we climbed up to it
zoomed into farm on flat area below White Edge
zoomed into The Grouse Inn
zoomed into deer seen on plains below White Edge
trig point on White Edge
looking across Big Moor
the breached Bar Brook reservoir embankment seen across the moor near buildings
up towards Birchen Edge
the A621 the Sheffield / Baslow road
Trig Beacon on Birchen Edge
Moorside Farm seen below
Nelson's Monument
large rock outcrops engraved with the names of Nelsons ships
Moorside Farm again
down from Birchen Edge

The Robin Hood Inn
zoomed in from the FP below Moorside Farm - Birchen Edge & Nelson's Monument further behind
Baslow Church spire just visible to the right of this picture. ( we returned to Baslow through the fields beyond the church)
heading towards the A621 road and beyond it Wellington's Monument (we passed below it)
a bridge over Bar Brook
Wellington's Monument just visible behind our party - the spike to the right of the tree
Eagle Stone with Curbar Edge behind
starting on Baslow Edge
The River Derwent is hidden below in trees but passes below the wooded hill. We later ascended up the gradual slope on the right up to Bramley Wood
Eagle Stone again - the A621 road behind
Eagle Stone - and various edges behind - but which ones?
on Baslow Edge
viewing point on Baslow Edge - Curbar Edge behind
Curbar Edge
on a FP down from the Curbar / Baslow Edge gap

how many rock climbers can you see on the section of Curbar Edge?
Lady Beetle
down towards Curbar's watering point
Curbar Edge again
Curbar's watering point
The Bridge Inn near the River Derwent
Calver Mill next to the River Derwent
looking back at the Curbar / Baslow Edges gap
Methodist Church in Calver
up towards Bramley Woods
a glimpse of Chatsworth House
zoomed further in
in the woods
disused quarry

initially on a road to Baslow (later on footpath)
taken from a footpath on the way to Baslow
Baslow Church
Weir on the River Derwent - far less water than in the previous rainy Sunday

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