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2017.10.08 Fox House, Longshaw Lodge, Pond, ~NW to Burbage Brook, ~SSW down Padley Gorge, ~W to Padley Chapel, ~N to Greenwood Farm, ~W under Rail track, up River Derwent to Leadmill Bridge & B6001Rd, Rd to right to Hazelford Hall, Leam, cross Eyam Moor to Edge Rd (Mompesson's Well), down Hollow Brook woods, Eyam, FP ~W to Foolow (Cross / pond), up Bradshaw Lane to Bretton Edge (Barrel Inn), Nether Bretton, FP ~NNW Cockey Farm / Abney, ~E on Road then FP to Oaks Farm, down to cross Abney RD & ~SW down to Stoke Ford, ~W (above Highlow Brook), ~ N  past Hoghall & across H Low Brook, ~ENE to / across Leadmill Bridge, FP passing Nether Hall to Hathersage - Leader Andy Irwin - Sunday

Fox House - PH
down to NT Longshaw Lodge / cafe
Higger Tor (Carl Wark 'Fort' lower down in front?)

good advise about dogs and cattle
pond on Longshaw Estate
going down to Burbage Brook
crossing Burbage Brook
down Padley Gorge
Brunt's Barn Nature Reserve
Brunt's Barn (Padley Chapel to right)
Brunt's Barn from the other side
Padley Chapel
Greenwood Farm?
down to cross under the Hope Valley railway line
under the rail track
The River Derwent
House close to the B6001 Rd
a glance northwards?
Winhill Pike top left, Bamford Edge top left
Hazelford House
we went up the steep FP rather than zig zagging on the road which we rejoined higher up
Broadhay at bottom? Winhill Pike at top
view eastward? before reaching Eyam Moor
through a portion of bracken on Eyam Moor
car parked near junction of Sir William Hill Rd & Edge Road - the road we took
Ladywash Farm?
old smelting works not shown on map?
Mompesson's Well

starting down Hollow Brook woods
Eyam - church just visible top right of centre
zoomed into church spire
Rev. Thomas Stanley disagreed with the 'Act of Uniformity 1662' - ejected from his Living - commemorated on this Wesleyan Reform Chapel - visited by John Wesley
This impressive building is the old 'Bulls Head Inn'
Plaque commemorating victims of plague - similar such plaque in many places in Eyam
Eyam Hall
after treading through Eyam on a country footpath to Foolow
Barrel Inn PH above on Bretton Edge
as above
crossing a rounded valley - a remnant of the Ice Age?
lunch break at Foolow
on the road up to Bretton Edge
Barrel Inn on Bretton Edge
quarry to the south - name?
viewing map from the Barrel Inn
zoomed into Peter's Stone centre left (from the Barrel Inn)
the road follows Bretton Edge to the west
zoomed into the Abney Grange comlex
Cockey Farm
heading across Bretton Clough to Cockey Farm
memorial plaque on bridge erected in memory of Ken & Eva Holloway
crossing their bridge
Abney Grange behind?
Cockey Farm
flowers at Cockey Farm
on to Abney

Victorian Post Box
down to the road from Oak Farm
down to Stoke Ford
following above Highlow Brook
a glimpse of Hazelford Hall (seen earlier in walk) before turning down past Hoghall. Millstone Edge behind.

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