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2017.06.03 -  prewalk for 'B walk' car ramble next week - Longnor, Underhill Farm, Yewtree Grange, Cross River Dove, between Chrome & Parkhouse Hills, Dowall Hall, ~ 350m up Dowel Dale, ~ E up & across to road ~ SE through Earl Sterndale, Abbotside Farm, below High Wheeldon, Crowdicote, Bridge End Farm, cross River Dove, Longnor - leader Gillian Manasse - Saturday

Longnor 'market' place

The Grapes Hotel

Yewtree Grange
Chrome Hill to left - Parkhouse Hill to right
Parkhouse Hill - Dowall Hall (farm) just visible to left behind toe of hill.
footbridge over the River Dove
rock pillar at bottom of Parkhouce Hill. Dowall Hall (farm behind to left
Dowall Hall Farm
looking East at the end of Parkhouse Hill
Parkhouse Hill seen from the North / Dowall Hall side
a view of Chrome Hill from the North side - camp site also here
Dowall Hall Farm suppliers to Cropwell Bishop Creamery
Dowel Dale to the North behind Dowall Hall

another view of Dowel Dale
footpath sign & gate where we left Dowel Dale next to tree below
Chrome Hill again
Dowell Dale pointing ~ NW seen as we climbed up
walkers atop Parkhouse Hill
Parkhouse Hill again
a view of Earl Sterndale with High Wheeldon behind
Parkhouse Hill
Chrome Hill
High Wheeldon
Earl Sterndale Church tower just visible 
Fernydale Farm
Holstein Cattle at Fernydale Farm
Quiet Woman Public House
Earl Sterndale Church
'The Hall' at Earl Sterndale
pink Hawthorn 
a maternal Duck looking after ducklings

footpath skirting High Wheeldon - we continued South
Old Quarry - apparently used for sports climbing
this bird hovered above Wheeldon Hill for about 5 minutes
Chrome Hill behind left - Parkhouse Hill in front on right
The Pack Horse Inn at Crowdecote
Toll Bar Cottage on right
River Dove crossed here
looking back at the Pack Horse Inn
High Wheeldon at the end of the ridge
Muck spreading

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