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2017.05.07 - Coach Ramble 'B' walk - Flamborough - North Landing, Light House, High Stacks, South Landing, Danes Dyke, above Sewerby Rocks, North Sands, Bridlington Harbour, Railway Station - leaders John & Joan Taylor - Sunday

North Landing
what's afoot?
Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve
Bempton Cliffs (RSPB) in distance behind - (the 'A' Group started their walk here then followed same route as the 'B' group)

Bempton Cliff seen again behind in distance
The old lighthouse from 1669
old lighthouse
the 'new' lighthouse
the 'new' lighthouse
sea battle in 1779 between American Colonialists and H M Forces
map with directions & distances
cliff falls a common occurence

view of this difficult due to growth of bush behind. Don't eat toads!
South Landing - RNLI boathouse

a paddle in the North Sea

how many concrete bunkers have tumbled down the cliffs?

Danes Dyke
No Take Zone - Flamborough Heads
Bridlington ahead
Sowerby Hall
polished fossils
urban cliffs for friendly gulls nests
Railway Station

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