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2017.04.16 ** Entrance to Wentworth Woodhouse off B6090 rd, Rd & FP past Hall & Dog Kennel Pond, Rd between ponds up to Greasbrough Church, return ~150m, FP on 'Roman Ridge'*1 to edge of Upper Haugh, ~W to Higher Stubbin, down Rd to Low Stubbin, ~ W to Hoober Hse, N up Rd to Hoober Hill (Farm), ~W to Hoober Stand, ~ W to 'Street' *2, down FP to Cortworth Lane, follow Rd ~ W to start. - Walk on Sunday (with some pictures from 31st March added)

*1 great care required crossing B6089 rd which is on a blind bend.

*2 at 'Street we should have continued to The Needles Eye before returning to start but it was not marked on old map

Wentworth Woodhouse stables?
picture taken 31st March
picture taken 31st March
mausoleum closer up
Hoober Stand seen from afar
deer seen on 31st March
deer seen on 31st March
taken on 31st March

Greasbrough Church
Greasbrough Church - seen from FP leading back down to ponds
house at end of ponds
looking West up lower pond
duck standing on lower pond wall
Dog fouling and discarding of bags (some hung on branches with foul contents etc) is a problem not only here but in other walking areas
Greasbrough Church again.
zoomed in to unknown church
zoomed in to another unknown church
fine footpath paved with smooth granite cobbles - leads to Upper Haugh - apparently used by miners?
zoomed into Keppel's Column across valley
looking back at Upper Haugh
walkers ahead between Low Stubbin and Hoober House
the 'stand' is triangular in plan
lying on my back looking up the tower
religious differences here can be examined by viewers
we followed wall round to starting point

This being a circular walk other starting points possibly suiting public transport may be found


A few pictures added of The Needles Eye visited on a short walk

on 21st April 2017

stone inside The Eye eroded by the wind
Wentworth's Church
we did not descend toward Elsecar but returned to The Eye


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