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2017.04.05 - Chesterfield, under rail track north of Chesterfield Station, ~ Eastward on S edge of golf course & past Chesterfield Royal Hospital, through Calow, join (~500m NW of Arkwright) disused mines 'rail' track & follow 'rail' track ~ NNE past Inkersall Green etc, diversion to / from Pools Brook Country Park & Nature Reserve, on return to 'rail' track & about 1.5km further on slow U turn before railway lines (which pass Staveley) to join the Chesterfield Canal going West then South into Chesterfield - leader Trevor Moss - Sunday

If you are interested in the Chesterfield Canal see also the following walks 2017.01.25 / 2014.05.28 / 2012.08.01

Chesterfield Church with famous twisted spire
passing under rail tracks just North of Chesterfield Station
Owen Falls (not the ones in Uganda)
a glance back at the spire
along the golf course
not fields of Lavender but solar panels
down to the old mines railway track (track removed)
joined the 'rail' track here
a hedge row in bloom
turn down (& return point) to Poolsbrook Country Park - Nature reserve extends beyond Park itself.

zoomed in to distant heron?
in the Nature Reserve
church just seen from mines 'rail track' trail
some of the significant Civil Engineering works being done to re-establish / rebuild Chesterfield Canal links - see note below

some of the works being done by volunteers
yellow rape seed
Hollingwood Hub
Tapton Lock and Visitors Centre
the twisted spire again in view

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