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2017.01.25 Kiveton bridge Stn, Kiveton Park, South Anston, NE side of railway line, Anston Stone Wood, Lindrick Dale, Brancliffe Grange* Turnerwood Locks, Cuckoo Way (Chesterfield Canal), Kiveton Park Stn, Norwood Tunnel, Pithead Baths, Kiveton Bridge Stn. - leader Mike West - Wednesday *walk not photographed before this point - but unofficial walk from Shireoaks shown before this

If you are interested in this walk, it is suggested you look at walks on 1st August 2012 & 28th May 2014 which are related to this canal

Unofficial Walk (pictures not all in the right order)

Shireoaks level crossing
Shireoaks railway station
St Lukes Church
chapel converted into a home
terraced house formerly for miners
Shireoaks Marina on Chesterfield Canal
entrance to Shireoaks Marina
Shireoaks Marina
canal goes towards Worksop, Retford and River Trent under bridge
heading back in opposite direction towards Shiireoaks & Kiveton
The Lockeepers House on right
passing Shireoaks Station on right

Official Walk (joins unofficial walk here near Turnerwood)

official party heading towards Chesterfield Canal
crossing railway line
reaching canal
see signboard below
signboard - see enlarged details below
apparently British Waterways now less involved with charities taking a greater role  
unsightly junk yard seems misplaced here
overflow point for excess water
parallel railway somewhere out there
a winding hole is a point where barges can turn around
stone for the Houses of Parliament shipped from a quarry near here on the canal
we passed Kiveton Park Station
NE end of collapsed Norwood Tunnel blocked off here. The tunnel passes under the M1 motorway and the canal continued to Chesterfield. The canals on the Chesterfield side are being rebuilt but no connection seems possible unless the Norwood Tunnel was reopened?
Kiveton Park Pithead Baths


interesting building near a sports club?

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