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2017.01.18 Middlewood Tram terminus, Rd toward Oughtibridge, Stockarth Lane, Worrall, Burnt Hill Farm then Lane, Kirk Edge Rd, Cliff House Farm, Moor Rd & Back Lane, Loxley Rd, Stacey Lane, River Loxley, Rowel Bridge, Storrs Lane,Spoon to Storrs Brook, up to Stopes Rd, pass Stopes Works, FP up to & across Riggs High Rd, FP to Nethergate, down to Tofts / Riverlin Rd, River Riverlin to Malin Bridge - leader Angie Shaw - Wednesday

up Stockarth Lane
up track to Worrall
a cyclist well known to our group
passing the Blue Ball one of Worralls Pubs - note the exhortation for a 'dry' january

Burnt Hill Farm
as above
passing the nunnery
down to Cliff Edge Farm
just before Holdworth
some Holdworth farms behind
Damflask Reservoir - apparently some work being done on the spillway?
Damflask Reservoir

a goosedog?
view of Damflask Reservoir embankment  from Stacey Lane
fishing pond
site of gate controlling unused headrace?
derelict old works a blot on the scenic Loxley Valley - apparently approval for building housing here has not been granted for many reasons.
farm behind old headrace pond
the odd couple have been here for many years
a rather lonely Mandarin Duck
Artists open air display along Storrs Lane

a war memorial
Spoon Lane
break at Storrs Brook under Spoon Lane
climbing up from Storrs Brook
Stopes Works (Dyson written on partly demolished chimney)
disused mine - for refractory materials?
looking back
Lodge Lane cross Rivelin Valley
descending towards Tofts & River Rivelin
Rivelin River (also numerous old headraces & ponds)
the road to Malin Bridge crossed about here

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