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2016.12.11 Rev ** Bakewell to Castleton ~ 17miles in 6,75hours ~ 2.5mph - leader Richard Bennett

Bakewell, Ashford in Water, Pennyunk Lane, Monsal Head, Monsal Trail, Water-Cum-Joly-Dale*, Upstream LB River Wye, Litton Mill, Tideswell Dale, Meadow Farm, FP / lanes to Limestone Way, Monksdale House, Pennine Bridleway, Wheston, FP above then down to Hay Dale, Dam Dale / Farm, Peak Forest (village), Old Dam, SK125814, ~E to Limestone Way, down towards Peak Cavern, Castleton. * we turned left up River Wye not right towards Cressbrook Mill

converted mill along Road leading towards Ashford in Water. Water wheel to right is not in it's working position.
In front - clogging up headrace to mill (in previous picture). Packhorse bridge across River Wye visible. Holme Hall in centre
Lumford Mill?
water control works from Ashford Lake which presumably provided water to mill water wheel(s)?
as above
River Wye
house aside road leading to Ashford in Water
bridge across River Wye into Ashford in Water
Bulls Head in Ashford in Water
Ashford in Water's Holy Trinity Parish Church
belated sunrise?
a dew pond
old railway viaduct below Monsal Head - part of Monsal Trail
down towards Monsal Head
we came down from Monal Head on path to left before old rail tunnel. Tunnel now used by walkers and cyclists
view from railway viaduct upstream of River Wye
view from railway viaduct downstream of River Wye
low level bridge across River Wye
Cressbrook Mill converted into housing
down towards Water-Cum-Joly-Dale / Cressbrook Mill
looking back towards Monsal Head
Cressbrook Mill
descending to the River Wye
seen from pedestrian bridge - pond before Cressbrook Mill & overflow spillway
the River Wye below pedestrian bridge
Limestone Rock - shaped by glaciers?
participants in a Buxton Athletic Club's fell race
this path often floods and an upper level bypass path is available
disused water wheel
part of Litton Mill with chimney? - not sure what it was used for?
Litton Mill
Tideswell Dale (decorated for Christmas)
Water Vole
party crossed road in front of Tideswell Dale and climbed up towards Meadow Farm
Meadow Farm and barn in need of TLC?
Bikes - probably not permitted to use the Limestone Way
Monksdale House - Pennine Bridleway is the track across road. Road to left leads to Monksdale - road to right to Tideswell.

Notice about path closure - possibly to deal with erosion damage / flooding on Limestone Way?

part of Wheston (village)
on revue before Christmas?
Hay Dale below rock face leads on left to Peak Forest - walk from here on not photographed - (poor light & tired photographer)
sunset as we descended into Castleton

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