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2016.10.30 - Bakewell, SSE to Haddon Park, cross old railway tunnel, Bowling Green Farm, Aaron Hole Plantation, ~150m on Haddon Rd, FP to Rowsley, cross River Wye, Stanton Woodhouse, Lees Cross Quarries, Earl Grey Tower, Barn Farm, Birchover, down to B5056 Rd, Limestone Way NW, Robin Hoods Stride, Youlgreave, Alport, Dark Lane, Norton Barn Farm, Cemeteries, Bakewell - leader John Taylor - Sunday.

will the bridge safe working load be exceeded?
path obstacle to trip over?
River Wye below
disused railway - this portion in Haddon Hall Estates - is this start point of the tunnel going towards Rowsley ? what are the protruding sheet piles?
River Wye just visible
shooting tower?
pink bales raising awareness of breast cancer
Caudwell's Mill to right of centre
a Rowsley post office
Peacock Inn
River Wye downstream seen from bridge - joins River Derwent close to this point
River Wye upstream
Darley Dale seen across River Derwent valley?
Stanton Woodhouse being reroofed? - we followed FP to right
roofs of Stanton Woodhouse
farm buildings at Stanton Woodhouse
building at disused Lees Cross Quarries?
disused quarry face
over running a hairpin turn
checking on map before doubling back
Earl Grey Tower - possibly an old shooting tower?
Stanton Moor

Topiary in progress?
cottage near disused quarry in Birchover


Brimsbury Well
pond at bottom of Birchover
Belted Galloway cattle
Milestone - but what does it say?
Hermits Cave somewhere in this massive?
Robin Hoods Stride
pond near Hollow Farm
Youlgreave Church
Alport roofs
Balwen Ram (white head flash & tail)
see notice enlarged below
Time the 'Law' was updated?

up Dark Lane
Jacob Ram

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