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2016.08.03 - Silkstone Common Railway Stn, Silkstone (village) via Bank House Farm, Waggonway (coal track), Pot House Bridge (& complex), continue on Waggonway, circuit in Hugset Woods, South edge Dodsworth / D' Bottom, Strafford Arms Hotel, East Edge Stainsborough Park, Queen Annes Obelisk, Worsbrough Country Park / Reservoir / Mill - leaders David Kayley & Leonie Wood - Wednesday

leader briefing
Silkstone Stocks
stone sleepers of waggonway (see track section later). Waggonway fed coal to canals for further transportation
lunch near Pot House Hamlet (see later note). Silkstone Beck down under to left.

history of Pot House Hamlet

not clear if this is a building built around a (pottery) kiln?
coal wagon from Old Silkstone Colliery? - its gauge does not match that of the Waggonway
some tracks & wagons are elsewhere in the village
water hazard in Silkstone Golf Course
in Hugset Wood
wood burnt in hollows to make charcoal
muck-spreader being loaded with dry materials (not the liquid type spreader)
see blades which rotate at rear when spreading muck
muck-spreading in action
a 'fasting' bucket?
a farm garden
further muck-spreading
Emley Moor transmission tower
St John the Baptist Church at Dodworth in view
St John the Baptist Church at Dodworth
memorial stone to first world war soldier W Folks
The Strafford Arms
Stainsborough Park
deer photographed by Leonie on pre-walk
St Annes Obelisk
St Annes Obelisk from other side
field of oil seed rape
M1 motorway
invading plant species
Worsborough Reservoir
swan in Mill head race
Worsborough Mill
adjusting sluice gates?
Worsborough Mill

a thing of beauty is a joy forever?

The Red Lion

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