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2015.08.12 - 9 Reservoirs seen - Penistone Stn, Cubley, Hacking Hill, cross Mosley Rd, Underbank Resv (Adventure Centre), Wind Hill Knoll, Trig Pt Salter Hills,Waldenhaigh, Broomhead Resv (& across wall), Walkers Edge, White Lee Moor, Rocher Head, Agden Side & Resv, Low Bradfield - leader Susan Rushworth - Wednesday (no 'Davids' on walk! - where have they all gone?)

Penistone Station buildings - now privately used?
leaving Cubley
down Hacking Hill?
Emley Moor Tower in North
Langsett Reservoir
Midhope Reservoir
Midhope Court
Poster on Midhopestones
Underbank Reservoir
first glimpse of Underbank Reservoir
dam wall Underbank Reservoir
Canyard Hills
immature Kestrel?
trig point at Salter Hills
memorial plaque - Michael Trevellyan Jeffery
statue seen on farm
Broomhead Reservoir
Broomhead Reservoir
Broomhead Reservoir walll
Broomhead Reservoir Spillway
glimpse of Mare Hall Reservoir from 'wall' of Broomhead Reservoir
duck on Broomhead Reservoir
glance back to Broomhead Reservoir
towards White Lee Moor (actually a timber plantation)
first glimpse of Strines Reservoir
Dale Dike Reservoir comes into view below Strines Reservoir
Agden Reservoir - seen from Rocher Edge
another view of Strines & Dale Dike reservoirs
Rocher Rocks
Damflask reservoir seen in distance beyond wall of Agden Reservoir
Agden Reservoir

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