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2015.05.31 - Chinley Station, Peak Forest Tramway Trail, Chapel Milton, Bowden Hall, Bagshaw, Peaslow, Sparrowpit, wood below Gautries Hill, Nether Barn, Pennine Bridleway, Eldon Lane End Farm, east side Eldon Hill Quarries, east to Limestone Way (* BOP down Cave Dale), Cow Low, Castleton - leaders Janice Burton & Val Coleman - Sunday

* photographer and 2 others followed this route

heading towards Peak Forest Tramway Trail 
joined Tramway Trail
remnants of a mill recently demolished?
sewage plant
mill converted into housing?
railway viaducts near Chapel Milton
Bowden Hall draped by greenery
towards Sparrowpit
South Head?
Sward Lifter
woods below Gautries Hill
Peak Forest below
west edge of Eldon Hill Quarries (disused)
Nether Barn - grade2 listed building
barn built in 1781
up Eldon Lane here
Peak Forest
East edge of Eldon Hill quarries

Break off down Cave Dale

Peveril Castle - Lose Hill behind

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