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2014.08.27 - Woodlesford, Aire & Calder Navigation, Lemonroyd Lock (& Marina), around RSPB St Aidan's Bird Sanctuary (old opencast coal mine), Little Preston, Hollingthorpe, Temple Newsam, Leventhorpe Vineyard, Woodlesford - leaders Gillian Manasse & Tony Allsopp - Wednesday

(a few pictures from prewalk on 6th August included - also see links at end to earlier walks in this area)

down Potters Road?
modern villa with view over both River Aire and Aire & Calder Navigation canal - note 'no to HS2' in window
A642 bridge across Aire & Calder Navigation
taken on 6th August 2014 - shows the area & part of canal where we walked.
heron seen along canal on 6th August
seen on 6th August
seen on 6th August
bridge over Aire & Calder navigation to Oil Storage Depot
Lemonroyd Lock with canal boat
lock being filled to raise canal boat
lock gates open after last ramblers recross
floating generation plant seen from footbridge crossing River Aire
taken on 6th August
taken on 6th August
'Oddball' walking dragline
flood storage capacity
black gold - will shale gas replace it?
zoomed into Leeds
Little Preston Hall
Swillington Church
mole seen on 6th August in area before Hollingthorpe
flower in pond crossing avenue leading towards Temple Newsam
rare breed of cattle in Temple Newsam Park
one of the Lakes in the Park
where's the roses?
The Walled Garden
a drying South African Protea flower
interesting historic notes on the garden
The avenue as seen from Temple Newsam House
reference to opencast coal mining in the grounds in 1940
zoomed in from House - what is it?

see prewalk done on 2014.02.06

see tuesday walk on different route to Temple Newsam but similar route back to Woodlesford 2013.06.18

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