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24th October 2012 - Stannington, The Flash, Onksley Lane, Rivelin, then bus to Strines Road, Derwent Edge, Back Tor, Cartledge Stone Ridge, Abbey Clough, Derwent Reservoir - leaders Jackie & Chris Dauris - Wednesday


first section of walk from Stannington, Pond  Road to Rivelin


bus trip from Onksley Lane to Strines Road

then second section of walk from Strines Road to Fairholmes

Wheel Stones on Derwent Edge
Lunch at Back Tor
Survey beacon at Back Tor
On Cartledge Stone Ridge
vegetation recovered along paving slabs laid across moorland (previously eroded by walkers)
single file path with some exposure on upper sections of Abbey Brook
upper reaches of Abbey Brook
crossing Sheepfold Clough
Derwent Reservoir just visible
along east edge of Derwent Reservoir
Derwent Reservoir - masonry stone dam wall

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